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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breakfast Beer Bonanza

I was talking to a friend at the gym recently - gotta burn off all those calories somehow! - and we were talking about breakfast beer.  This friend is not a beer neophyte, but he had never heard of breakfast beer.  So allow us here at Jonny Sparks Lounge to share the joyful genre that we have named breakfast beer.   
We recently Tweeted about Rouge Ale's collaboration with Voodoo Donuts, "Bacon Maple Ale."  The bacon and maple flavors made this, in our opinion, a viable breakfast beer. The intense smoky flavor was novel at the start, but the novelty wore off and the smoke proved to be too much for my palate.  
There are, however, many wonderful coffee and/or chocolate beers that serve well as brunch accompaniments   One such beer is featured today...Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout.  Pictured here next to our trust Nespresso coffee machine, the brew comes from a California brewer and their neighboring coffee shop. 
This particular coffee stout has the really nice depth of flavor you would expect from a coffee-infused stout. Their website states that it is, "made with boatloads of roasted coffee."  The beer is presumably a milk stout, hence the cappuccino name. It has a really smooth and full taste, without any bitterness at all despite the "boatloads" of coffee.

The label states that this ale is brewed with Sebastopol's Own Hard Core Coffee.  I don't know that coffee shop,
probably because I live in Philly and not in California, but I know this particular combination of coffee and ale makes for one delicious and very smooth beer that is easy to drink.  At 9.2% alcohol by volume, it is not an easy beer to get over early in the day, so we recommend pairing it with a hearty breakfast sandwich or other filling brunch item - or else the length of your day may be predicated upon the length of the resulting beer nap.
Remember though, breakfast beer, like orange juice, is not just for breakfast anymore.  Try out Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout anytime of day for a smooth and flavorful beer experience. Stay tuned for more beer updates, breakfast favorites, and the occasional combination of the two. Cheers!

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